Pediatric Dentist Uptown

New Patients

*Due to increased new patient appointment failures and demand, we are now asking for a credit card on file to guarantee and reserve your appointment time. In the event your new patient appointment is missed without proper 24-48 hr notification, a $100 charge will be assessed

Many of our new patients have been referred from friends and family, or have read about us on Yelp. Whether this is the first dental visit for your child, or your child is referred to us by your general dentist for caries, we will approach this visit with tender love and care. The first visit at our office is a critical one, and we truly strive to make it a memorable first impression. For young children (4 yrs or younger), it is HIGHLY recommended the visit take place in the morning time. Children are much more rested and more cooperative as opposed to bringing your child during their nap time or after daycare/school. These little tricks of the trade make a huge difference in the ability of your child to cooperate. We also can provide excuse forms for work/school.

The best way to prepare your child for the visit is to be open and honest with them. Encourage them that the doctor will count their teeth, take pictures of their teeth and even tickle their teeth. Practice opening and closing at home and counting. Inform them that they will be receiving a goodie bag and that many kids go and enjoy the experience.

We will spend adequate time with you and your child reviewing the cavity process, diet, hygiene, thumb-sucking, pacifier use, fluoride exposure and many more things! We believe that by minimizing the high risk cavity forming habits and maximizing the cavity preventing habits will ultimately result in positive oral health. We will also review caries, formulate a treatment plan, and review all options available to help your child cope. We provide in office nitrous oxide use and general anesthesia at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago for the treatment of dental caries.

Please understand that the most important part about the first visit is the establishment of trust and the positive first experience. Therefore, we do NOT provide dental treatment the same day as your child’s first visit to our office.

Do not be surprised if your child continues to talk about their visit for days or weeks after their first visit. That is what we strive for!